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Non denominational officiant for your special day will work with you to create the script that you want.

 HOURLY PACKAGE-$50 per hour (6 hour minimum)

Just need labor to setup, decorate, or tear down?  This is the package for you.  Cost is per staff member.  Quantity is determined by us.


We take care of every detail of putting your plan into motion.  A month before the wedding, we will send you a contact form AND an itinerary form to fill out.  We ask you to send us copies of ALL signed contracts so we can ensure you get what you paid for.  A week or so before your special day, we will create an itinerary which will be distributed to all vendors.  We attend the rehearsal and ensure that everyone understands their role on the big day.  This includes acting as the Rehearsal Officiant so you don't have to pay your officiant to be there.  We arrive on the big day as early as your venue will allow and begin setting up.  Set up includes working with the vendors, layout, and decorating based on your answers on the itinerary form.  Of course, we do just about anything, within reason, to make your day special.  We make sure the itinerary is adhered to throughout the day by coordinating with the vendors to keep things running smoothly.  We can act as your emcee if requested.  We spend the day seeing to your guests needs as well as yours including making sure you get a hot minute to eat!  At the end of the event, we will work with vendors to clean up and restore the venue.  We also coordinate gifts, supplies, and leftovers being distributed to your designated family member and can mail your wedding license.  This package includes 2 people for your event.  Additional staff may be required at an additional cost.


In addition to the DAY OF PACKAGE, we do all planning with you for your wedding including vendor selection, contract negotiation, budget work, vendor meetings, venue tours, and more. This package includes 2 people for your event.  Additional staff may be required at an additional cost.

Additional terms apply. See Package Terms for details. Request a Consultation