Package Terms

The following package terms apply to all bookings.  By booking, you agree to these terms unless a separate contract is signed by both parties.



Required for Planner, Assistant and all staff at the wedding rehearsal AND wedding reception, for each staff member at all events, and any production shift that takes place during meal hours.
Meals must be confirmed prior to booking.
You may purchase a buyout option for a daily fee of $40 per person.


Required for any wedding, event, or production which takes place outside of a 20 mile radius from Crestline, CA.
Must be within 5 highway miles of the venue.
Must be 3 star or better and booked double occupancy. Motel 6 is not acceptable. EVER.
Accommodation information MUST be submitted no later than 7 days prior to departure.
Should be booked for each night which we have been hired to work during the day.  If a Wedding rehearsal and reception take place days apart, you will need to book rooms for additional nights.
You may purchase a buyout option for a daily fee of $200 per night.


Prices never include rentals, equipment, food or alcohol.


All packages come with unlimited email and text communications as well as unlimited meetings in Crestline, CA.  Phone calls are limited to Monday through Wednesday from 10 am-6 pm.  Meetings outside of Crestline, CA are limited to 3 for Full Service Packages and 1 for all other packages.  Meetings over the limit are $30 each.

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